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I have another webpage, here with lots of photos and other information!

My slide and negative collection, also those of R. Allen Olmstead and Pete Watson are here

Also check out here for photos and information about Pittsfield High School (history, classes 1967, 1968, and others, and many yearbooks), Pittsfield Massachusetts and environs history also.


My Triumphs. The 1974 Spitfire and 1972 Stag (these and more Triumph links below on this page)

Animals that visit me (the backyard bear and Tigger my cat)...

My best friend Tigger   May 1985 – December 20, 2001


Recent Additions:

Xmas 2002

A workday at Lime Rock 2002

A visit to Catskill Game Farm 2002

Andy Mace buys a DRIVEABLE Herald! - 2002

Vintage Triumph Register 2002 convention, Red Wing, Minnesota

BMSC Archives, a major work in progress! Added November 18, 2002

Junkyard visits added May 21, 2002

At Carlisle 1949 Standard Vanguard

On the Road – 2002 (documenting a few significant events…) added Nov. 19, 2002

On the Road – 2001 (documenting a few significant events…) added Nov. 19, 2001

Cars for sale or for parts:

1976 TR6  located in Clinton, CT

1973 TR6 with 71,000 miles located in Ashland KY

?? TR6 project located in Housatonic MA (1/2 mile up the railroad tracks from Arlo’s church).

1978 Buick Estate Wagon with Oldsmobile 403ci V-8 engine (6.6 Liters ala Pontiac Trans Am) Gone but many memories…

1985 Mercury Marquis Brougham 38,000 miles, 3.8Liter V-6  It’s off to Formels, too late!

Harry J. Whitton Jr. - Reflections over the years

Berkshire Concert Choir makes Ozawa Hall debut

Florida Trip November 2000

Some Christmas thoughts (Thanks, Beverley)



Results of Solo 2 and Rally Cross (Ice Trials) events, Directions to the Events and Information about the Events including Points Standings

Mohawk Hudson Region SCCA homepage

New England Region SCCA homepage

Lime Rock Park homepage


Pittsfield Winter Carnival


2006 Pittsfield Winter Carnival – 61st annual! (January + February)
2003 Automobile Ice Time Trials (there will be no Pittsfield Winter Carnival ice trials this year)

2002 Pittsfield Winter Carnival - 57th annual! (January + February)
2002 Automobile Ice Time Trials (part of the Pittsfield Winter Carnival)

2001 Pittsfield Winter Carnival - 56th annual! (January + February)
2001 Automobile Ice Time Trials (part of the Pittsfield Winter Carnival)

2000 Pittsfield Winter Carnival - 55th annual! (January + February)
2000 Automobile Ice Time Trials (part of the Pittsfield Winter Carnival)

1999 Pittsfield Winter Carnival- 54th annual! (January + February)
1999 Automobile Ice Time Trials (part of the Pittsfield Winter Carnival) photos here

Photo of Steve Scott's VW Bug
Photo of Bruce MacGinnis in the Skip Barber Formula Dodge and the Formels' Fiero in the Cue



Triumph Automobile Adventures

The Vintage Triumph Register has a wealth of information:


The 1974 Spitfire pages, including technical information about the car.

The 1972 Stag and other Stag related pages.

Collecting old Triumph automobiles and other Triumph related items main page…. GT6's and Junkyards, friends' Triumphs, etc… My main Triumph web page.

Triumph 75th Anniversary, Gaydon England (May 1998)

·       Henry Frye's Gaydon experience here

VTR Convention, Portland Maine, July 27 - August 1 1999 a photographic essay (this page temporarily lost…).



Vintage Automobile Rallies
official website at


New England 2000 Rally (May 2000) - Frank and I are again members of the "1 point losers" club. With 1 point overall, we lost both overall and in class!  Nothing else here, maybe later…

New England 1000 Rally (May 1999) - Frank and I were unable to enter, so I worked the event.

The Goolsbee's have a complete report here.

New England 1000 Rally (May 1998) - First in Class, 2nd overall (with 1 point total)!

New England 1000 Rally (May 1997) - First in Class, tied for 1st overall with 2 points!

New England 1000 Rally (May 1996) - First in Class, tied for 2nd overall with 3 points!


Forza Mille V-12 Rally (1999) - (Sept 26-Oct 1), I'll was there as a worker, great time!

Texas 1000 Rally (1999) - (Nov 7-12), I missed this one altogether, other commitments…!



Formula One Grand Prix events



Canadian Grand Prix (Montreal June 1997) (I've been to all of them in Montreal, since 1978, but it will be a while till I backtrack that far here!)

Canadian Grand Prix (Montreal June 1998) - I attended, - No content... great time.

Canadian Grand Prix (Montreal June 1999) - Pictures are here... great time, very hot!

Canadian Grand Prix (Montreal June 2000) - Pictures not here yet... great time!

 US Grand Prix (Indy September 2000) – nothing here yet!

 US Grand Prix (Indy September 2001) – nothing here yet!

 US Grand Prix (Indy September 2002) – nothing here yet!



Nicholls, Pierce, Clark, Markley Family Trees


Follow this link to my Family Tree pages!


Pittsfield High School Reunions


Pittsfield High School class of 1968 has its own website now.  It’s link and there is information about PHS in general with specific information about the class of 1967 also.  Follow the link above or those below.  There is also information of other classes and the history of the Berkshires in photographs and vintage history books here also!

Pittsfield High School Class of 1967 Reunions

Pittsfield High School Class of 1968 Reunions



End notes .....


For more information on the Berkshires, where I live, go here:



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